Interactive non-fungible virtual spaces made easy

One click access interactive virtual spaces with VASTLY


What is VASTLY

We are building a platform allowing creators to build easy to use interactive virtual spaces accessible on the web and VR headsets.

We are planning to build our part of the future Metaverse while fulfilling current need for interative guided and unguided virtual experiences.


Metaverse on the Blockchain

Metaverse should be non-fungible! Vastly is integrating NFT support in two ways: 

  • connect your wallet and use your NFTs to design your unique space in the metaverse

  • mint your uniquely designed space as an NFT by itself

On any device

We are focused on bringing lightweight and easy to use virtual spaces. Our goal is that anyone on a school or work laptop could attend with one click of a button (no downloads, Zoom like onboarding, browser based). We also support modern VR headsets and cross-device meetings but we understand that current VR penetration is still very low for truly widespread adoption. 


Our second differentiator is focus on interactive - we are coming from a corporate teambuilding vertical and we think it is important to have real life physics and simple interactions engine to create multifunctional interactive spaces, not just plain vanilla conference rooms.

Create your own content

We aim to make a platform where content creators will be able to create and publish experiences and spaces - lets say a Science classroom filled with interactive models and learning material, or a meeting space with teambuilding games.


Cool virtual environments

3D avatars for participants

Built in physics


Spatial audio 

Native NFT support

Productivity tools 

Verticals and Use Cases


Virtual offices with built in gamification


Museums, exhibitions:

Guided tours with gamification, interactive puzzle hunts, escape rooms, games


Interactive class rooms with actionable elements and edutainment features


Mini games, virtual escape rooms - guided and unguided